'Darkness' question for Tygati

tygati,  I hope you see this post 'cause I need to know relative heights of the main characters to each other from 'Darkness'.  I know Ciaran is the shortest and Karai is the tallest, but the others I have no idea.  I'm doing a group piece with the four of them and need some help.  Thanks!

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It's gotten kind of dusty here.  I have a lot of fan art from stories that I've read here on LJ, especially from maderr and tygati.  But I've been afraid to post them as my drawings are private notes to myself and I don't think I do the characters enough justice.  But I think I  will try to put them up here anyways, else why did I get a journal in the first place?  Now, I just have to learn all these codings and make the place look a little more lived in.

On a side note, I need to delurke and let these ladies know how much I enjoy their stories and the visual inspirations they've provided.  Be brave my faltering heart.